Introducing The Hydrodynamic Duo©

Filling tankers and large pumpers from various sources require valves that will operate effectively over a wide range of residual pressures. Hydrants and other filling sources can vary from 30 PSI or less to as much as 100 PSI or more.

By installing our HYDRODYNAMIC DUO© these pressure variations become easily manageable without sacrificing either turnaround time or running the risk of over pressurizing a tank at the higher flow rates capable of being generated by "Hot" hydrants.

For example, a hydrant near a gravity tank or pumping station will flow much more water at a higher residual pressure than a hydrant at the outer extremities of the water distribution system. Obviously changes in elevation particularly in hilly terrain can also affect flow rates and residual pressures, but these variations can be handled by installing both our 2 1/2, 3 and 4 inch valve. Thus, allowing the firefighter to connect the source to the valve that is best suited for the pressures and flow rate available at the hydrants most accessible.

As can be seen from the flow chart, the valves utilized can be selected to match the characteristics of the hydrants available for shuttling water.

Due to the relatively low cost of these very simple mechanisms, the Hydrodynamic Duo© can be installed for less than a single 4" slow close ball valve.

Please contact us at (931) 267-8194 if you have questions as to how best to configure your tankers.

Click here for Pressure\Flowchart Diagram