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So who are we?

Fireman’s Friend Engineering Inc. was organized in 1994 for the purpose of patenting and developing a design of a direct fill device. This was accomplished through the efforts of William Rucker (the inventor) and Dale Larson (the developer). Bill Rucker also invented the TOPMOUNT PUMPER. This design has since become the dominant design for pumpers.

The decision to go forward with this project was based on the enthusiastic reception by fire chiefs and in particular by the reaction of Louis Baker the then chief instructor at the Tennessee Fire school. Mr. Baker said upon viewing the prototype valve for the first time “this is something we have needed in the fire service for as long as I have been in the Fire Service and that is over 50 years”.

Our decision to go with the name Fireman's Friend Engineering was our sincere belief that this design would prove to be something that would make fire fighting easier, safer, and more effective than any valve previously available to firefighters. This has proven to be the case, but of great significance is the fact that the valve, after 15 years of use in fire fighting, has thus far proven to be maintenance free and capable of safely delivering more water than any other fill device or system known to man. We consider it a privilege to be such a positive factor in improving the life of some of the greatest public servants, the fire fighters.

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