From the people who know us best.

"This valve is something we have needed in the fire services for as long as I have been in the fire service and that's over 40 years!"
-Lewis Baker, Pumper/Tanker Instructor-TN Fire Academy

"Fire departments all over the country are experiencing the 'little valve that could.' It is so simple, but makes such a significant difference in fire service. The bottom line is, this valve enables the firemen to get water from the source to the fire faster and with less hazard "
-Dale Larson, CEO of Fireman's Friend Engineering.

"This is the best fill valve built today!"
-Don Hudson, Retired Fire Chief, Nashville, TN

“We are filling our 1250 gallon tanker a full minute faster with Fireman's Friend 4 inch valve, compared with the slow close valve installed on the tank. We plan to retrofit all of our tankers to Fireman’s Friend Valves."
-Steve Apple, Fire Chief and Hydraulics Instructor, Brown Summit Fire Department, Brown Summit, North Carolina.

"We save at least 30 seconds on every turn around!"
-FFE's Largest Customer (major State Forestry Service)

"This valve makes it quicker to fill the tank because you don't have to turn off another valve. You just kill the source of water at the water source and you immediately lose pressure on the intake or hose and can disconnect easily. This valve is freeze resistant, the entire tank must freeze first. The valve mounted in the tank, preventing hazards for the firemen. You also can adjust the valve without having to move any portion of the valve from the apparatus."
-Ed Kay, Fire Chief and former President of the TN Fire Fighters Association. Sparta, TN

"One person can fill the tank easily, open the hydrant, fill the tank and disconnect, that eliminates time and time is of the essence when you are fighting a fire."
-John Kendrick, Training and Safety Officer, Cookeville fire dept , Cookeville, TN

"This valve is less stressful on tanks than any other fill valve on the market!"
- Manufacturers.

"All forces on the valve and tank are nullified by the clever design of the valve. It almost totally eliminates any stress on the tank during the filling procedure."
-Users familiar with our valves